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Do you know where you can hear and see artist Duane Bryers talk about his ice sculptures and homegrown circus?

Do you know where to see over 700 images of rodeo champions Casey Tibbs and Jim Shoulders?

Where can you find the earliest known day-by-day handwritten account of an 1868 cattle drive from north Texas to Kansas?

Where would you go to look at unique stereographs of the famous aviator Charles A. Lindbergh posing for the Congressional Medal made in his honor?

Where can one go to review James Brisbin's 1881 book, The Beef Bonanza, or, How to Get Rich on the Plains which fueled the speculative fever in the cattle industry, particularly for Victorian entrepreneurs in Great Britain?

Where can one see several stereoviews of Southern Plains Indians wearing the short-lived military 1872-pattern pleated fatigue blouses in their roles as guards at Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida?

Where can you find photographic postcard images of Seminole Indians in the Florida Everglades captured by rodeo photographer R. R. Doubleday?

The answer to all these questions is the Donald C. & Elizabeth M. Dickinson Research Center located, with all due deference to Richard Henry Dana, below the deck of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Its collections and staff have served for the past eight years before the mast of the Museum.¹ Nautical allusions aside, the Center holds the library, photographic, and archival collections of the Museum.

¹ In 1840 Richard Henry Dana (1815-1882) wrote Two Years Before the Mast, a narrative of a young man's voyage as a common seaman from Boston to California and back in the age of sail. The ship's area aft of the mainmast was the quarterdeck onto which ordinary seamen could enter in performance of duties. Hence, to serve "Before the mast" means service as a common sailor.

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