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Atherton Alcove

Envisioned in February 2001 as a meaningful tribute to A. Keith Brodkin by his wife Judith A. Brodkin, this project is critical toward achieving the Donald C. & Elizabeth M. Dickinson Research Center's goal to preserve, expand, enhance and make available its collections and, more specifically, to provide future artists, art historians, educators, and researchers with materials that document contemporary western art. Often overlooked and lost to posterity, these materials include the personal papers, studio ephemera, photographs, and interviews of contemporary western artists. Effectively, this project preserves artists' careers for posterity.

An avid western art collector, Alan Keith Brodkin (1935-1998) was chairman and chief executive of Massachusetts Financial Services Investment Management when he died in February 1998 at the age of 62. The significant endowment backing this memorial project was made possible by Judith A. Brodkin, Jeffrey L. Shames, John Davenport and the A. Keith Brodkin Estate. To them go our appreciation and gratitude.

This alcove is designated to present artists' lives and works preserved through the A. Keith Brodkin Contemporary Western Artists Project.

Selected Images of the Alcove  

Atherton Alcove 2 A recent exhibit in the Atherton Alcove was "Reese's Pieces: The Art & Life of William F. Reese." Born in Pierre, South Dakota on July 10, 1938, William F. Reese characterizes his work as post impressionist with a touch of expressionism. After a near death experience due to peritonitis from a ruptured appendix in 1970, Reese determined to pursue an art career and quit the sign painting business that had sustained his family for years. He began his long association with this museum in 1977 as a guest artist at the National Academy of Western Art Annual Exhibition, now called the Prix de West Exhibition.

Atherton Alcove 4 "Reese's Pieces: The Art & Life of William F. Reese." In this exhibit space, a television screen played a video loop of interview excerpts with artist Bill Reese. The interview took place in Wenatchee, Washington, on March 27, 2001, by Gail Woerner.

Atherton Alcove 5 "Reese's Pieces: The Art & Life of William F. Reese." Selected pieces of Reese's artwork is on display on the walls and in one enclosed case.

Atherton Alcove 1 The former exhibit in the Atherton Alcove highlighted quotes and video interview excerpts from several artists interviewed for the Brodkin Contemporary Western Artists Project.

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